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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please be a deer and hand me that pumpkin?

This year's Halloween is not much different from most with kids. A trip to a local pumpkin patch, then meandering through a corn maze and finally getting dressed up in a costume on the 31st...

She really wanted to let us know that she found one...

This one was old hat...

She figured she'd fill up on some water for our trip into the maze. You never know
when you're going to get lost!

And lost did we get!!

Seriously. We were trapped in there for over 20 minutes and couldn't find the
exit, nor the entrance!! Fortunately Linden wasn't concerned that we kept passing
the same people over and over again...

For Halloween Linden dressed as a deer. Thank you Uncle Scotty! I'd like to
say she was trying to growl like a wild deer (because deer growl right?), but
this was her attempt at smiling for the camera.

The family shot. Kacy was a pirate and Brian was a... well... dork.

This is Linden with her friend Kyah at a neighborhood Halloween party hosted
by some friends. It's so nice to see rabbits and deer living in harmony...