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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dancing Fool

Linden has developed quite a love of dancing. 

Well, let me qualifiy.  Her definition of dancing usually includes a combination of lots, and lots, and lots, of tiny turns in a circle, peppered with LOTS of lifts from whoever is dancing with her.  It's more like a jungle-gym moment. And it's dizzy-making for the adult.

Side-note: when did I get so old that two turns in a circle makes me sit-down-dizzy!? Wrinkles, bags, aches, gray hairs... I expected these. But must I lose my equillibrium too? Oh, the humanity.

Ok, back to my dancing girl. The only time she will dance by herself, and without the relentless spinning, is when she does her "crazy dance."

During a recent trip to the Mission rose garden Brian caught it on video. Please enjoy.