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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We would like to welcome...

LINDEN KEIKO YARDLEY to the family!!

After about 12 hours of labor Kacy delivered Linden at 8:53 A.M on December 9th, 2008! We are so blessed and humbled by the experience.

Our little blessing's stats:

Weight - 9lbs 2oz
Length - 21.5 inches
SAT Score - 1600
Batting Avg. - .355
IQ - 200

Amazing isn't it??

Here's the quick story of how things happened:

Kacy and I went to our weekly Doctor's appointment at 4:15 on Monday (she was already 3 days overdue). Much to our surprise, after about 15 minutes our Doctor told us that it was time to have our baby... tonight!!

Kacy and I had time to pack our things, go out to dinner and then head to the hospital at 6:00 P.M. At 8:30 our doctor came in to break Kacy's water... then 12 hours later wahlah! (I'll spare the other details...)

Needless to say, we are very excited to have a healthy baby girl on our hands. Thank you for your prayers!!


  1. Congrats Yardley family!! Impressive stats except for the SAT score since it is out of 2400 now. It looks like Linden inherited her dads brain. Oh well, at least she'll be a good athlete and singer!

  2. Welcome Linden!

    We are overjoyed with the news of your fashionably late arrival. You're a big baby! Be patient with mom and dad as they learn how to swaddle and change your diaper.

  3. Wow...I've been praying for you all day!! So happy to hear the news and get some pics. She looks like Brian so far...not a bad thing! xxooR

  4. Your blessings have only just begun with your new little girl. She's a pretty good size blessing, wow.

    I'd like to sign up for babysitting duty, please. I know it's a little early but I want to get near the top of the long list.

    Enjoy giving her the first bath, Brian.

    Love you guys,
    Jere Short

  5. Congrats to the entire family! We are so happy for you! She is beautiful and clearly very intelligent from her stats :). Enjoy every minute

  6. Hey....congrats from germany as well!! We wish u all the best for your growing family! Can´t wait to see her soon. By the way, we really like the name, especially the japanese part. Beautiful!

    Love, Martin and Marta

    By the way, I guess Otto can´t wait for his new friend to come home :) His single child life is over now ;)

  7. I am so happy for you guys!! :-) I can't wait to meet this little cutie!


  8. Rock and Roll. What happened to the name Matilda? Congratulations and enjoy. I love the name.

    Matt Mills

  9. She is beautiful and I LOVE her name!!! Beautiful just like her :) Congratulations you guys! Love Jen and Matt

  10. Dear Yardley Family,

    My warmest congrats on your beautiful blessing and addition to the family. You will be thrilled and excited to begin your journey through parenthood!

    I have faith and confidence that you will be amazing parents and provide a loving and caring upbringing to your little one. God smiles upon you!

    ~John Anderson