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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boring videos... (to most)

Warning: These two videos have no plot, no action, no drama and are poorly directed... Our market? GRANDPARENTS!

Seriously, both videos are between 45-70 seconds of pretty much nothing. Enjoy!

Linden takes on the big purple Giraffe.

She really enjoys her mobile!


  1. Well, that was certainly more entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable than any movies or TV shows I've ever seen! We absolutely loved them both!! Thank you so much for recording these precious moments and do please keep them coming!! I can't believe how she is changing and growing. You are certainly fabulous parents!! Was there ever any doubt?

  2. Hey guys! Just found your blog through Kacy's Facebook. Linden is such a sweetie!!

    So, funny thing... we have the same boppy cover for Logan (it was originally purchased for "Kate") and we have that same bedding set on our bed!! Guess we both have impeccable SB style, huh?? ;)

    We have a blog for Logan too! You'll have to stop over some time. (Little Logan)