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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daddy Daycare?

Brian volunteered to watch 2 newborns while Kacy and her friend Jess could walk downtown to go workout. Naïve? Maybe. Insane? Definitely.

So Jess dropped off little Logan (who is a month older than Linden) and off they went.

The evening started off great:

Both Logan and Linden laid on the floor and played and coo'd...

Then both decided to "get more comfortable" and laid in the crib together (check out Logan's moves).

Linden soon returned the favor... Both so happy... but then things inexplicably turned for the worse... (the video is self explanatory)

So, of the 2 hours the ladies were gone, 45 minutes were spent in collective meltdown...

Brian says, "they may have won the battle, but I plan on winning the war!"

Whatever that's supposed to mean...


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I would feel less guilty if Linden was out-crying Logan, but it looks like he might have her beat... Yikes!!!

    Thanks again Brian!!! :-D

  2. hey, that's so funny. can't wait to see this scene live. see u soon!