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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A year of loss...

This year has certainly been one of mixed emotion. The joys of raising a new little life... and the sadness of loss. Back in May, Kacy lost her Grandmother, Floyce Upham. And this past Wednesday we flew up to Oregon to attend the memorial of her other Grandmother, Alice Cochran.

Although it was an extremely sad loss for all of us... it was a celebration of a very full life. This was evident by the large attendance at her beautiful memorial service. You couldn't help but be moved by the extended time of sharing during the service. Young and old alike shared of her impact on their lives. One could not have met Alice without also feeling the touch of God's hand. She was a special lady, and we are all blessed to have known her. And after nearly 99 years of blessing and touching others, she was taken to be home.

We are so thankful that Linden got the opportunity to meet her Great Grandmother back in June.

Alice Cochran (1910-2009)

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