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Sunday, November 1, 2009

To bark... or to dance?!

Well a little of both actually.

We were a bit torn about what to dress Linden up as for Halloween this year... so we decided to take two routes.

#1. A Grandparent pleasing route:

Our little dalmatian climbing over Daddy's guitars

Dogs at play...


#2. The FLASHDANCE route!!!

Trying out her sassy pose...

Does this headband accentuate my ears???

Mom was a Go-Go Girl (ala Foxy Cleopatra)

And Dad was... well... just weird.

We headed over to a friend's Open House and strutted our stuff over pizza... their neighborhood can be what's described as an "Isla Vista... but with kids" (in other words: Halloween chaos+children).

We then came home to what's become our annual tradition: "Scary Movie Night". We watched The Orphan. Not too terrifying, but scary enough.

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  1. O My Goodness! You guys are so clever and Linden is so adorable!! Grandpa loves the Dalmation and I love them both. How did you choose? I want to be there!! We are positive you three would have won any contest and gotten all the candy!! Where did you find the costumes. They are just too precious, but that is because of who is wearing them!! Happy late Halloween!! and thank you so much for sharing!!