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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hunting for the perfect Christmas Tree

I use the word "hunting" very loosely. It's more like foraging through a pile of trees in straight jackets, cutting them loose, allowing them about 3 seconds to state their case before you move on to the next one... oh, and there's the meandering through the sea of endless people. Because when you enter the dense forest known as "The Home Depot", it's really all about survival.

Apparently we decided along with the entire city of Santa Barbara that Sunday was the day to buy Christmas trees!

Despite our circumstances, we were determined to find "the" tree.

Linden was more interested in watching others shop for their tree.

We found the perfect tree, strapped it to our car and got it home!

Linden couldn't stay awake long enough to finish up. So we had a stand-in for the photo-op.

Otto too couldn't hack it... He didn't even have the energy to hang his own stocking!

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