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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And so it begins...

Always the debated question: Nature or Nuture?

Well, Linden got her first pair of shoes a few weeks ago... and within the first day she was OBSESSED with them!

Each morning she wakes up demanding to see her "zooohs"... and after seeing them, she wants to wear them. She even insists on wearing them over her footie pajamas...

Nature = 1, Nuture = 0

What is it with girls and shoes??? Eat your heart out Imelda Marcos...

Doing her best Riverdance impersonation

Exuding uber-confidence

Sporting the pajama look


  1. Very cute! It isn't just a girl thing though I must say. Will is OBSESSED with shoes as well! I think it must be a toddler thing :). Too funny!

  2. How I love the shoes thing Hope I didn't give it to her, but I sure do get it! She is growing up so fast!