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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Evening at the Beach!

It was Monday... it was 5pm AND... it was 80 degrees out! So we hopped in the car and headed over to butterfly beach to enjoy this awesome March weather.

Although this was not Linden's first time at the beach, it was the first time she could walk on the beach on her own.

It started out a bit shaky, but she slowly warmed up to the experience... and eventually "got her hands dirty".

Dad had to stay close by at first.

She even wanted mom to join in...

Linden eventually wanted to venture off on her own. Brian had to confirm she met height requirements.

She then ran into and discovered the tide pools... and it was all over.

Family shot... we should have gotten Linden sunglasses...

Getting wet and sandy...

Butt planted right in the tide pool.

A new discovery!!! Mushy sand! (tip: keep an eye on the background... we AGAIN seemed to capture an interesting moment.)

Linden didn't seem to care that she was dirty and wet. (Oh, and as you can see... there is a creature crawling out of the ocean...)

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