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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Fun With The Farrells

Forgive our hasty and cryptic last post. We were in a bit of a hurry to get some photos up and, well... heap some shame and guilt. All in the name of friendship of course! :)

But enough of that funny business... we were lucky to spend the weekend with some dear friends visiting from Seattle! Mike is one of Brian's oldest friends, dating waaaayyy back to grade school, and Mike and Kristi got married the same day we did exactly one year later. And now we both have little girls who are only 2 months apart in age. Can you say parallel lives?!?

Here is the re-cap of Day 2 with the Farrells.

Picnic time at the zoo... not sure who won this battle for the bread and pate'. Yes, we fed our girls pate'. Though we're pretty sure Linden takes after her Mother in this area (read: Lily was the only pate' fan under 2 years old).

Ready, set, go! The girls were more interested in the nearby fountain... and Mike takes his chance to get a bite in.

Mike leading the girls off to get into some kind of trouble.

The lovely Farrell ladies, welcoming one of the new giraffes at the zoo!

Not sure exactly what's happening here, but Linden looks genuinely annoyed at Daddy's photo antics...

We took a stroll to the courthouse in the evening. Here's Lily going in for a hug on the courthouse steps.

Post-hug. Note Linden still has a grip on Lily's leg. There's a lot of love in that grip.

And they're off... these two busy girls made it nearly impossible to get any decent pictures of them. This basically says it all.

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  1. I loved ALL the photos Brian and Kacy..soooo many and they were great...what adorable little ladies!!! Here's hoping "someone" elso gets the blogging bug. There's one happy Gramma in Saratoga....hope to see all of you in person sometime soon.