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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wedding in the Sierra Nevadas

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of attending a dear friend's wedding up in the Sierras. We stayed in a rustic little cabin on Huntington Lake for 2 nights and had a wonderful time celebrating Lindsay and Shon while hanging out with our college friends.

A shot of our lovely accommodations.

Linden called it our "special house".

Since Kacy was part of the wedding party, Linden and I went for a hike/walk.

Linden discovered an activity all kids love...

Throwing rocks into a lake!!!

Linden got a little antsy during the ceremony... so we had to take a walk to the shore.

Linden and Kacy enjoying the toasts...

Unfortunately the quality of this photo isn't very good. Linden really enjoyed dancing
with the bride and groom (Lindsay and Shon)

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  1. This is too fun! I hope the photographers caught a pic of us dancing with Linden in that precious little white dress of hers. ;) So glad all 3 of you guys were there to celebrate with us- thank you for making the trip!! Love you. ;)