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Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun weekend w/ visitors

The Yardley's had a fun weekend w/ a few visitors. Leo and Marko drove across the U.S. from Washington D.C. and made a stop to see us in Santa Barbara.

We love having visitors, as it forces us to be tourists in our own town!

We started out the weekend our favorite way. Breakfast burritos at Alice Keck Park (aka Turtle Park)

Later we enjoyed our new guilty pleasure... Yogurtland! Marko didn't realize you weren't supposed to eat the spoon...

Santa Claus Lane Beach. Linden doing her push-up regimen.

Thankfully Linden was holding up the umbrella.

The tower atop the Courthouse

A short hike to Knapp's Castle (in 95 degree heat!)

Sunday night, Leo and sous chef Marko cooked a delicious traditional Brazilian dish for all of us... Mmmmm!

Enjoying dinner on the patio. Brian with cough syrup?
We were sad to see them go. Although short, it was a good weekend!!

You can track their road trip on Leo's blog. Happy trails guys!


  1. sous chef marko? i am the head chef!!!

    it was a great weekend, dudes

    eat my shorts

  2. I think I was being generous by calling you "sous chef". :)