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Friday, July 24, 2009

More Concert in the Park Fun...

Yes, this really is one of our favorite activities in the summer, and here a few more pics of the fun! Linden is a really social baby so far, and she's usually happy going from person to person during our picnic!

Here's Linden showing she is her Mother's Daughter, and chomping down on a snickerdoole right under Ange's nose! Never underestimate a woman with a sweet tooth!

And here's the little lady with Marissa, flashing a big old grin (and showing some of that scrumptious belly). If you look close you can see her two bottom teeth. And don't worry, just as we were getting used to having two teeth, her top two just broke in this week. We're working on her "rabbit" impression and will post pics soon.

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  1. How fabulously adorable! I love the grin (and the belly). Your comments are so clever and may I say, accurate Kacy. She is too cute and sweet. I miss you all so much!