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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Boo Hoo

Friday evening we hit the road to the Bay Area to attend a wedding.

About an hour from our destination, Linden started to look and act lethargic. She just sat in her car seat, slumped over and staring at the floor. She had just gotten up from a nap, so we thought that maybe she was just still a bit groggy.

When we arrived, we went back to take Linden out of her seat and noticed that she was REALLY HOT. Oh no.

The next few nights were really rough on all of us (mostly Linden) as her temperature ranged between 101 and 103 degrees. And she is still battling the illness today!

Yesterday we went to the Pediatrician and he diagnosed her with "Hand Foot and Mouth Disease". Not to be mistaken with "Foot and Mouth Disease" (that's for cows!). It's not as serious as it sounds... but still not fun.

Today she broke out w/a rash all over her body and face.

I'm tough... I'll make it through!
That rash is heartbreaking...


  1. poor girl!!! But she´s got great parents to take care of her and get her back to health!! hugs from Berlin

  2. Hugs Kacy! Sounds like Roseola to me with the rash. Will has had that and it is super scary because there is nothing else besides the fever until the rash shows up. Will has also had Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Sick kiddos are no fun! Hope you guys are hanging in there and she feels better soon!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Linden not feeling well. Hang in there, guys. (By the way, she is still gorgeous, even with a rash!) Can't wait to see you in just a few days!