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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Wedding

This past weekend Linden got to attend her first wedding. Our friends Corrie and Jesse got married in a beautiful ceremony on an olive ranch in the hills between San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach.

We stayed the weekend in Avila Beach. It was a very cute and charming beach town that we had only been driving past for over 10+ years. We were pleasantly surprised... and maybe see a weekend getaway in our near future!

We had a great view from our little rental.

We got to witness a beautiful sunset...

Linden immediately went exploring.

She may have seen a bug or something else she shouldn't be trying to pick up.

Does she look like she's wearing shoulder pads?

These instantly went into her mouth.

Her first formal dress... with shiny shoes to boot! Wedding bound...

Our hands were pretty full during the wedding, so we were unable to take any pictures. Hopefully a few will surface from our friends.

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  1. O My Goodness!! Her first formal dress and Nana wasn't there to fuss and take pix!! I can't stand it. She is so beautiful!! I hope more pix are to come, but if not I'm so glad to see this big first!! You are such good parents! I am so happy for and proud of all of you!! Linden is a very blessed little angel as are her precious parents!!
    Love you All