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Saturday, January 2, 2010

An unthorough Christmas recap...

Although this was technically Linden's 2nd Christmas, this was the first in which she could really "participate" and enjoy some of the festivities. All of which was really fun for of us.

3 years ago we decided, as a family, to cut back on material gifts for one another. Instead, each of us is supposed to come up with creative "gifts" to do as a family (i.e. activities, art projects, songs, etc.) BUT, the major caveat was that when the grandchild arrived, the grandparents were allowed to spoil him/her.

Well, the grandchild is here. Let the spoiling commence.

Linden really enjoyed the bow on her head... Here she is taking calls from adoring fans.

She understood the tearing into presents...

But also wanted to crush them...

Grandpa went out and got a huge cardboard box to build her a playhouse.

It turned out to be her favorite gift! Peek-a-boo!

Later in the week, Kacy caught her in her playhouse pretending to talk on the phone with "Daddy". She even took the time to give the phone a few hugs...

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  1. Love the pictures!!! Let me tell you - the love of large cardboard boxes won't end anytime soon - we have one in our living room that has served as a boat for the last few months (complete with portholes and flowers sticking out the sides). I loved watching her conversations with daddy - so precious!