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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mastering the English Language... (not really)

Linden’s vocabulary has been expanding as of late.

Admittedly, much of what comes out of her mouth is nonsense, but she’s quickly starting to put words together in a communicative way.

Here’s a sampling of her vocabulary (with rough pronunciations in parenthesis):

Doggy – (doggy, goggy)
Woof – (woof)
Hi – (hi, hiiiiiiiiiiiii)
Ball – (gaw, gawk)
Baby – (baby)
Bye – (buh bye, bye)
Bird – (boody)
What’s that? – (wussah)
Who’s that? – (hoosah)
Mom – (mama, mommy)
Dad – (dada, daddy)
Let’s go – (sookoh)
Food – (num-nah, num num num)
More – (moh)
Hat – (haaaa)
Banana – (nana)
Cookie – (oookie)
Door – (doh)
Rosie, our friend's dog – (whoasie)
No – (no, nah, nah nah -- while violently waving her arms out in front of her)

Sometimes she likes to show off by stringing together as many words as she can think of in one sentence. A sort of showcasing of talent…

Much to the delight of her parents.

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