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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Montana Photo Shoot

Back in May, Linden's uncle Scotty took us out into the fields of the family farm to take some fun shots. Here's a small (or large... considering my lack of objectivity) sample. Thank you Scotty!

Happy Camper...
MT-FAM-times  20848

Uncle Scotty must have told a funny...
MT-FAM-times  20849

Boogie Down!
MT-FAM-times  20861

Standing Ovation... for what!?
MT-FAM-times  20865

Within the wheat field...
MT-FAM-times  20915

I'm pretty sure we trampled at least a bushel of wheat...
MT-FAM-times  20952

The clan...
MT-FAM-times  21039

Two beautiful ladies...
MT-FAM-times  21058

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  1. I just saw these. Wow a "real" photographer was able to get such great smiles. I love these pix. You guys are so photogenic. I love them. Would love to have copies. Guess I need to talk to the photographer huh? Thank you for sharing them.