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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tid Bits

Since this blog has become more of an on-going virtual baby book for Linden, I (Kacy) feel like I need to document some recent behaviors and Linden-isms that have become part of our daily routine. So, for posterity's sake:

Our girl is a regular motor-mouth. She says new words everyday and is a real chatterbox, which is so much fun. I am enjoying this "conversational" stage much more than the "cooing noodle" stage. She points out and names most of the animals and items in her books, and when we ask her "how many" there are, she points and counts "two, three, two!" Not sure what happened to the "one", but as long as we pick groups of two, she appears to be quite advanced.

She received a hand-me-down kitchen set (thank you Abbey!!) from a friend recently, and her favorite game is to play short-order cook. She forcefully requests (demands) that we sit on the other side of the kitchen, and then she proceeds to cook up quesadillas (kay-kuh-deeya), cereal, corn, milk, toast, and pizza for us. She is also always sure to offer coffee to Mommy - but knows that Daddy does not drink coffee. I am a little mortified that she has this figured out, and it makes me realize I must drink more coffee than I should! Yikes.

Linden is a girly-girl through and through. She takes anything with a handle (including grocery bags and her Halloween bucket) and makes it into a purse. She loves to put on Mommy's jewlery, which she calls "a pretty." She is also obsessed with babies... real ones and fake ones. Her baby doll is always dressed in an interesting combination of clothes, which Linden picks out from her drawers and laundry basket and then forcefully requests (demands) that the baby be dressed in them. She has recently started having strong opinions about what she wears each day, and often chooses her pants from her drawer. Thankfully she is still content choosing her top from two options I give her.

Personality-wise we've discovered we may have an extrovert on our hands... which is a bit shocking for two introverted parents! Linden loves to "go car" and take walks. She helps us walk Otto every evening and usually loves walking hand in hand with one or both of us. There is a neighbor who is often reading on his porch when we walk by, and she looks for him during the walk, asking if we "see him our friend." But when we get close and he waves, she pretends to be shy, but usually eventually gives a wave or a smile.

Linden has gotten interested in the potty lately, so we went out and got her a little plastic pink potty of her own. We aren't holding our breath, but from time to time she'll tell us she needs to pee pee or poo poo and wants to try to go on her potty. The cutest part is, she sits on the potty and says "I try, I try" while she's obviously... trying. It's about the most adorable thing ever. She has successfully pooped one teeny bit, and peed once on her potty. When she's not using it, her baby and/or Elmo can be found "trying" to go on the potty.

Linden has never become attached to a blanket, toy, or pacifier... which has been both a blessing and a curse. However, she has chosen a very random method to soothe herself. She is fixated on my moles. I have two slightly raised moles (and no, they are not hairy)... one on my upper arm, and one under my chin. She loves to rub them as she's falling asleep, just after she wakes up, or if we're cuddling. She knows the word "mole" and sometimes she rubs the mole and says "Mommy mole... nice." Guess I better never have those moles removed!

This has become exceedingly long, so I'll continue with part 2 later...


  1. hey kacy! i really enjoyed reading your little linden update! she's so cute. can't wait to see her and u guys again! take care! martin

  2. So fun to read about Linden! She is absolutely precious. So fun to see you guys a few weeks ago in Seattle. :)

  3. I loved the update. The extrovert and chatterbox part sound just like her Mommy. I remember how much I loved that time with you. You were so much company and our wonderful relationship began there and then. I think we must learn to be introverted. I think I was the same way! Thank you so much for the wonderful update.