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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Brief Recap of yesterday

Here is brief photo recap of yesterday.

Everyone is doing well. Kacy is slowly recovering and Berrit is adjusting to the outside world.

Moments after the birth. We were instantly in love.

On the scale. 8lbs 1.8oz... Let's round that up to 8-2!

First bath. Thanks Susan!

Proud Daddy with a freshly bathed baby. Her head and face got pretty beat up in her "introduction party"

The 3 Yardley ladies. First time sisters meet! Linden was SO excited to meet Berrit.

So gentle...

"This is pretty easy!" (just you wait and see smarty-pants...)

Nana meets Grand-Daughter #2.

First Family Photo (7/18/12)

Linden's first blog posting: CLICK HERE


  1. Just teared up with happiness! What a beautiful family! -Love Stace

  2. Oh my goodness...what wonderful photos of a gorgeous family! Berrit is beautiful, and it's amazing to see Linden as a big sister (and I LOVE the hair accessory, by the way). Much, much, much love to you guys.

  3. Wow! The pics are great and can't wait to meet Berrit in a few weeks! Love you guys!